The Rules Have Changed for Authors

I’ve learned so much about the whole

“Social Networking” thing these past few months, and I just wanted to share this blog by Donna Newton.

The balance has shifted. Nowadays, the majority of published authors find they are responsible for most, or all, of their own promotion. Donna offers sound advice to prepare writers for that eventuality, and some great books that will guide them along the way.

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Don’t Ever Stop Learning

I’m very excited! In the near future I’ll be packing up my latest manuscript, my shiny new computer, and my even shinier dreams, then I’m travelling out of state to attend my first writer’s workshop.

But a few days ago, all participants received homework to complete beforehand. We must read the sample works of others, and write critiques for each. Simple, huh?

Not really.

It took me hours to get through the first one—not because the story was horrible or anything. I just realized this is an area where I need a lot of improvement.

I can read a story and see that something is wrong. However, putting that problem into clear and concise words is more of a challenge than I expected. Also, there were a whole lot of little things.  See… if it were me, I’d want to know about every single one of them. I’d want to be told, then decide whether to change them or not. But everyone isn’t like me. I realize that some folks only want to hear what they did right.

I had this nearly overwhelming urge to fix the whole thing myself. Just to prove to myself that it could be fixed. Knowing that plan was, well, completely ridiculous, I listed some of the main issues. Then I spent  time listing the things I liked.

It didn’t look too bad when I was done. Not heartless nit-picking, but suggestions, along with some compliments. I think it will suffice.

Now… that’s one down. No more blogging until I finish all the rest!

Keep Writing!


Where to Begin?

Once upon a time...

The idea of starting a blog has been in the back of my mind for some time now. I put if off, thinking there would not be time in my already full schedule. When I get home from work I like to grab a quick bite to eat, then spend a few hours writing or editing or sending out queries. That time already goes too fast, and I was afraid that blogging could become a distraction, slowing me down.

The truth is, this will probably be good for me… even if no one else ever reads it.

My blog will, for the most part, talk about writing, and my efforts toward reaching my goal of becoming a published author. Anyone interested in the steps I take through this process is welcome to come along for the ride.

So, here we go!


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