Memory Lane

While travelling on vacation, we have no internet, so I’ll write up my blogs as I go, them post them after I return home. Here’s one from 8/30/11:

Taking a roundabout route to DragonCon, my family and I had the opportunity to spend a few days in North Carolina. We once  lived in the area, but that was several years ago. This week we are back to visit some of the old haunts—most especially the rustic campground we called home.

Things sure have changed. First of all, it isn’t even a campground anymore. It sold  several years ago to a private owner. The rental cabins are gone. The 50’x90’ swimming pool is  completely filled in. The whole place is badly overgrown, except for the guest cottage, which the owners must use as a weekend place.

Very, very different… and yet it still had the same beautiful feel about it. I could have hung out all day, exploring every nook and cranny of the place. Of course, I was technically trespassing—okay, not just technically. I was trespassing. So I only took time for a quick look around, then moved on. In the end I was glad for the chance to see our old place again. Maybe I’ll sneak back to check on it in another decade or so!

Well, tomorrow we move on to Atlanta. Lots more fun ahead!

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