Fun @ Dragon Con

Approaching dawn from my hotel window

My first Dragon Con has been great! We arrived in Atlanta on Wednesday, August 31,  and our room at the Westin Peachtree Plaza was gorgeous. Almost made it worth the $200 a night price tag….

I attended a two day writer’s workshop with Jody Lynn Nye, and it was a wonderful experience. I learned so much. Each participant sent sample pages in advance for her to critique. I was kind-of excited about getting her input on The Enduring. Jody also selected a few works to be critiqued by the entire group. Mine was among those chosen, so I came home with a huge stack of notes from everyone! Yay!

Oh, and did I mention all the panels? I wanted to spend all my time just running from one to the other. I really appreciated the opportunity to meet so many writers, as well as a agents, editors and publishers… but I had to occasionally remind myself this was supposed to be a family vacation.

Hey, Laura! Remember those other people staying in your room?

Hmmm… when I stop and think about it, they do look vaguely familiar.

Okay, so I took some time  for other stuff as well. I didn’t make it to either Buffy panel (bummer), but my family did get to do some fun things together. And we spent hours in the Exhibitor’s Rooms, the Dealer’s Room, Artist Alley, and we visited the Walk-of-Fame areas more than once.

Now I’m headed home. It’s back to work tomorrow—a terrifying thought, since I know all will be in total chaos. But once things settle down a bit, I will turn my focus to putting what I’ve learned to use. And then? Edit. Edit. Edit.

Keep writing!



Don’t Ever Stop Learning

I’m very excited! In the near future I’ll be packing up my latest manuscript, my shiny new computer, and my even shinier dreams, then I’m travelling out of state to attend my first writer’s workshop.

But a few days ago, all participants received homework to complete beforehand. We must read the sample works of others, and write critiques for each. Simple, huh?

Not really.

It took me hours to get through the first one—not because the story was horrible or anything. I just realized this is an area where I need a lot of improvement.

I can read a story and see that something is wrong. However, putting that problem into clear and concise words is more of a challenge than I expected. Also, there were a whole lot of little things.  See… if it were me, I’d want to know about every single one of them. I’d want to be told, then decide whether to change them or not. But everyone isn’t like me. I realize that some folks only want to hear what they did right.

I had this nearly overwhelming urge to fix the whole thing myself. Just to prove to myself that it could be fixed. Knowing that plan was, well, completely ridiculous, I listed some of the main issues. Then I spent  time listing the things I liked.

It didn’t look too bad when I was done. Not heartless nit-picking, but suggestions, along with some compliments. I think it will suffice.

Now… that’s one down. No more blogging until I finish all the rest!

Keep Writing!


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